Helping Guildford
& our community.


Since the formation of Bigmouth Guildford back in 2019, we’ve not just had an ethos for supporting local independent business, but also a sense of duty to give back to the community and help those that are most in need. Launched at the start of 2023, the Bigmouth Foundation is the arm of the Bigmouth Group responsible for achieving this goal.

The Building Brighter Futures campaign is a collaboration between Bigmouth Guildford and four fantastic local independent estate agents to support Guildford Action, a leading local charity who have been working in Guildford and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Like many charities, Guildford Action is reliant upon grants from other charitable organisations, agencies and public donations for a substantial percentage of their funding.

You can support the Building Brighter Futures campaign and make a genuine difference to the lives of those most in need by simply using the Bigmouth Foundation website next time you need to sell, buy, rent or let a property in and around Guildford. Simple, effective and without costing you a penny. Read on to learn how you can make a difference.

In the months and years ahead we look forward to launching new funding initiatives, creating new collaborations and partnerships within the local community, whilst supporting more good causes and local charities.

Sell, buy, let or rent a property through any of these 4 estate agents and they will donate £150* to Guildford Action.

If you’re looking to sell, buy, rent or let a property, you can do so whilst also supporting the Bigmouth Foundation ‘Building Brighter Futures’ campaign. We’ll take your information and automatically pass it on to the four reputable independent estate agents listed below to get you started on your exciting new journey.

The Bigmouth Group would like to thank Cavender, Chantries & Pewleys, Clarke Gammon & Guildford Estate Agents for their continued support of the Bigmouth Foundation and their participation in the Building Brighter Futures campaign.

* £150 payable upon the completion of successful transactions only.

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About Bigmouth Guildford


Since our formation in 2019 we’ve been going out and talking to the people that matter, listening hard to the people and businesses of Guildford. Our sole mission is to support local independent business and local residents by helping them connect with each other. The Bigmouth App includes fantastic offers from bars, restaurants, retailers and local trades.

About Guildford Action

Supporting those who are struggling with family life and all the challenges this throws our way.

As in any community, Guildford has people who are struggling, traumatised, living on the edge and in real danger. But because Guildford is widely seen as the definition of the comfortable, prosperous Home Counties town, it’s easy to assume it couldn’t happen here; or if it does, it’s because people have somehow brought it on themselves. So they’re dismissed. Invisible. Forgotten.


people in Guildford are suffering from mental health challenges right now.


of the homeless people we hope to help are under 25 years old.


of those on the street are victims of violence.


of children in the Guildford are living in poverty.

Enquire now about selling, buying, letting or renting a property

If you’re looking to buy, sell, let or rent a property in and around Guildford, use the below enquiry form and we will automatically pass your details on to the local estate agents supporting the Bigmouth Foundation initiatives to help build brighter futures for those in need in our community.